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What type of candidate are you looking for?

We know that the systems and training provided will teach anyone about the marketing and management side of our company, so our Development Team is looking for the intangibles we can’t find on a resume. We look for our potential team members to posses a great student mentality, an awesome attitude, a high level of integrity, a strong work ethic, a work hard – play hard mentality, and a strong leadership ability.

 What is the growth outlook at SSM Direct, Inc?

Because of the high expectations of our clients, we are a rapidly growing company. We expect to expand into 2 additional markets in the next year alone.

 What is direct marketing? Is that outside sales or door to door?

Direct marketing allows businesses to meet with current and potential customers face to face, rather than using other forms of marketing, such as flyers, TV ads, or telemarketing. For a lot of companies that does mean outside sales or door to door. However, for SSM Direct, Inc. it does not. We meet with our customers strictly on a retail inside basis. That means our customers come to us!

Why are there only Entry Level Management positions? Do you hire mid level or upper level?

At SSM Direct, Inc. we believe in 100% organic growth. That means that we will never hire someone to go straight into a managerial role. We want to ensure that everyone at SSM Direct, Inc. has a full understanding of their role, as well as everyone else’s, and by developing team members from Entry Level positions, we are certain that they will receive the training and coaching needed to be a successful Manager.

Are there opportunities for students?

Absolutely! We offer internships and co-ops throughout the year. Please apply here or contact our Human Resources Department to find out more about the hiring process: (610) 878-2266